Persönliche Schutzausrüstung (PSA)

Bild Teilenummer Hersteller Beschreibung Preis Aussicht
206LR-P Image 206LR-P Klein Tools SHEARS OFFSET HANDLE $18.94/pcs Anfrage
9918700000 Weidmuller CUTTER DIN RAIL 10.63" $2040.57/pcs Anfrage
15003 Image 15003 Wiha KNIFE CABLE STRIP FIXED BLADE $27.556/pcs Anfrage
35177 Image 35177 EasyBraid Co. REPLACEMENT BLADES 100PC $36.288/pcs Anfrage
44223 Image 44223 Aven REPLACEMENT BLADE #23 5PC $3.905/pcs Anfrage
GP718CB Image GP718CB Klein Tools SHEARS OFFSET HANDLE $21.74/pcs Anfrage
718LRBP Klein Tools HD SHEAR L RING BALL TIPS 9-1/8" $19.592/pcs Anfrage
W812S Apex Tool Group SCISSOR, STAINLESS STEEL, 8 1/2" $13.13/pcs Anfrage
9290C Apex Tool Group 9290C PNEU CUTTER CENTRE CUT $2329.47/pcs Anfrage
1550-2 Image 1550-2 Klein Tools KNIFE POCKET 2 BLADES LOCKING $33.66/pcs Anfrage
44045 Image 44045 Aven REPLCMT BLADES SCALPEL #23 2 PC $2.39/pcs Anfrage
0190FC Apex Tool Group GENERAL PURPOSE,CENTER CUT CUTTE $195.35/pcs Anfrage
44222 Image 44222 Klein Tools KNIFE POCKET W/LOCKING BLADE $31.14/pcs Anfrage
S202 Swanstrom Tools CUTTER STANDOFF ANTISHOCK SHEAR $90.412/pcs Anfrage
MDC-64 Image MDC-64 Jonard Tools MICRO DUCT CUTTER FOR UP TO 64MM $50.58/pcs Anfrage
11802 Image 11802 Aven CUTTER SHEARS TPRD CROSSING 5"   Anfrage
44130 Image 44130 Klein Tools KNIFE UTILITY AUTO LOADING $20.088/pcs Anfrage
W10T Apex Tool Group SCISSOR,TITANIUM COATED,10" $19.745/pcs Anfrage
WKFP1 Apex Tool Group FOLDING POCKET KNIFE $22.22/pcs Anfrage
MPC3SN Apex Tool Group SNIP,METAL WHIZZ,MPC3,SENSORMATI $22.797/pcs Anfrage
40658-00000-10 3M 3M MODUL-R SAFETY GOGGLE 1=1PC $15.224/pcs Anfrage
LH5282-20-M Image LH5282-20-M Klein Tools FLOATING HARNESS $428.7/pcs Anfrage
311-1250 3M 3M E-A-RSOFT YELLOW NEON 1=1PAIR $0.191/pcs Anfrage
40719-00000 3M 3M E.V.P. TACTICAL PROTE $418.04/pcs Anfrage
40231 Image 40231 Klein Tools GLOVES TOUCHSCREEN XL 1PR $27.125/pcs Anfrage
6050 BRN 3'X5' 3M NOMAD MEDIUM TRAFFIC BACKED SCRA $158.24/pcs Anfrage
3720 3M 3M FORMALDEHYDE MONITOR 1=1PC $205.811/pcs Anfrage
340-4003 3M 3M E-A-R ULTRAFIT UN 1=1PAIR $0.76/pcs Anfrage
4440-3XL 3M 3M DISPOSABLE LAB COAT 4440- $211.11/pcs Anfrage
311-6001 Image 311-6001 3M CLASSIC CORDED EARPLUG 1=1PAIR $0.323/pcs Anfrage
8BQP09 LARGE Image 8BQP09 LARGE EasyBraid Co. DISPSBLE GLOVES NITRILE LRG 50PC $15.75/pcs Anfrage
HRXS221P3E-NA 3M 3M PELTOR WORKTUNES $66.99/pcs Anfrage
MT17H682BB-19 FG 3M 3M COMTAC ACH DUAL COMM MT17 $637.49/pcs Anfrage
MT7H7B4610-NA 3M 3M PELTOR LITE COM PLUS $560.06/pcs Anfrage
M-301 Image M-301 3M RESPIRATORY HARDHAT M-301 $331.38/pcs Anfrage
H-711P 3M 3M H-700 SERIES HARD HAT WITH $139.71/pcs Anfrage
MT17H682P3AD-19 FG 3M 3M PELTOR COMTAC III $637.5/pcs Anfrage
40301-00000-10 3M 3M CENTURION IMPACT SAFE 1=1PC $6.494/pcs Anfrage
H-801V 3M PROTECTIVE FULL BRIM HARD 1=1PC $13.611/pcs Anfrage
3270-BLACK-3'X10' Image 3270-BLACK-3'X10' 3M SAFETY CUSHION MAT 3270 3'X10' $265.57/pcs Anfrage
BE-12L-50 Image BE-12L-50 3M 3M HEAD COVER BE-12L-50 1=1PC $27.348/pcs Anfrage
90558-80025T Image 90558-80025T 3M EARMUFF $36.54/pcs Anfrage
07001231BL 3M 3M SPEEDGLAS WELDING HELMET $182.948/pcs Anfrage
11801-00000-20 3M 3M NITROUS PROTECTIVE EY $155.13/pcs Anfrage
11849-00000-20 3M 3M VIRTUA AP PROTECTIVE $40.56/pcs Anfrage
X5A Image X5A 3M OVER-THE-HEAD EARMUFFS 1=1PC $26.796/pcs Anfrage
H7P3E-01 3M 3M PELTOR OPTIME 101 1=1PC $25.043/pcs Anfrage
8100 GRY 3'X5' 3M NOMAD HEAVY TRAFFIC UNBACKED SCR $237.52/pcs Anfrage
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