Bild Teilenummer Hersteller Beschreibung Preis Aussicht
400440EB EasyBraid Co. SPARES, FMU DIGITAL RANGE $143.55/pcs Anfrage
T0058755896 Apex Tool Group REFLOW HOTGAS NOZZLE 90X90 WQB $885.6/pcs Anfrage
T0058754924 Apex Tool Group FIXTURE SET F. BOARDS WQB 3000 $723/pcs Anfrage
70-03-14 Image 70-03-14 Master Appliance Corp. TIP HOUSING, WITH KNURLED CAP $10/pcs Anfrage
EB41D1818 EasyBraid Co. STENCIL ROLL FOR DEK 260A #12803 $23.192/pcs Anfrage
T0058764712N Image T0058764712N Apex Tool Group ADAPTER FOR WFE/WHP WX $23.2/pcs Anfrage
110542EB Image 110542EB EasyBraid Co. MAIN FILTER - CHEMICAL SPECIAL $239.01/pcs Anfrage
B1269 Image B1269 American Hakko Products, Inc. NOISE FILTER, INSIDE EJECTOR $3.97/pcs Anfrage
35450 Image 35450 EasyBraid Co. PRE-FILTER 5PK SOLO AND DUO $43.47/pcs Anfrage
KDS834A Image KDS834A Apex Tool Group SHOT METER ECONOMY $936/pcs Anfrage
T0058765802N Image T0058765802N Apex Tool Group BARREL FOR BENT XT TIPS WP 120 $35.9/pcs Anfrage
30T2AB Apex Tool Group STOPPER 30CC AIR DRY 1000/PK   Anfrage
100-2003-ESDN Apex Tool Group PARTIKLEFILTER H13/GASFILTER MG1 $621/pcs Anfrage
B2873 American Hakko Products, Inc. CLEANING DRIL, HEATER FOR FM-202 $11.67/pcs Anfrage
3LL2DRY Image 3LL2DRY Apex Tool Group STOPPER 3CC 1000/PK   Anfrage
35476 Image 35476 EasyBraid Co. ARM WITH BRACKET/CLAMPS $122.88/pcs Anfrage
EC234 Image EC234 Apex Tool Group HEATER ASSY FOR A EC1201T IRON $22.6/pcs Anfrage
8232-8 Image 8232-8 MG Chemicals BOTTLE TOUCH AND GO PUMP 8OZ   Anfrage
KDS530SN Image KDS530SN Apex Tool Group ADAPTER HEAD 30CC $20.7/pcs Anfrage
T0058762772 Image T0058762772 Apex Tool Group WFE TWIN CONNECTING SLEEVE 60MM $28.4/pcs Anfrage
T0058755741 Apex Tool Group CIRCUIT BOARD DOWN HOLDER $151/pcs Anfrage
T0053634099 Apex Tool Group FILTER SUBMICRON AIR 53634099   Anfrage
SAF-1 Image SAF-1 Jonard Tools FILTER REPL FOR SA-9 SERIES 3PC $19.14/pcs Anfrage
B1089 Image B1089 American Hakko Products, Inc. CLEANING PIN $3.77/pcs Anfrage
B3217 Image B3217 American Hakko Products, Inc. ASSY,SLEEVE,ORANGE,LOCKING,A/B,F $5.57/pcs Anfrage
T0058741726 Apex Tool Group CSF D 9.3X13.0 HEAD $62.7/pcs Anfrage
T0053659199 Apex Tool Group WFE 2X TABLE HANGING DEVICE   Anfrage
182 Image 182 Apex Tool Group ELEMENT HEAT W/DIODE $50.8/pcs Anfrage
B1306 Image B1306 American Hakko Products, Inc. CLEANING DRILL HOLDER $9.07/pcs Anfrage
SMD32 Image SMD32 Chip Quik, Inc. INDUSTRIAL PACK 32' SMD $190/pcs Anfrage
T0058735832 Apex Tool Group INTAKE STACK SYST. 75 STRAIGHT W $38.97/pcs Anfrage
T0058744738N Apex Tool Group HEATING ELEMENT HER 80W/24V $163.9/pcs Anfrage
T0058765711N Image T0058765711N Apex Tool Group BARREL TIP RETAINER FOR WXP 120 $29.8/pcs Anfrage
EC260B Image EC260B Apex Tool Group REPLACEMENT SENSOR FOR EC1302B   Anfrage
5227K Apex Tool Group TIP CAP PLASTIC 100/PK   Anfrage
XP1500B6 Apex Tool Group FRONT PISTON,FOR 1500B $55.15/pcs Anfrage
80-07U Image 80-07U Master Appliance Corp. EJECTOR $17.46/pcs Anfrage
70-02 Image 70-02 Master Appliance Corp. CAP, PROTECTIVE (FITS UT-100 ONL $8.22/pcs Anfrage
T0058711719 Apex Tool Group FILTER CAP,58711719 $6.4/pcs Anfrage
T0058735884 Apex Tool Group FINE-PARTICUL. GAS FILTER F5 WFE $44.82/pcs Anfrage
T0053659499 Apex Tool Group WFE 8S REPLACEMENT FILTER $135/pcs Anfrage
ALFA Image ALFA Apex Tool Group BLACK NOZZLE, ESD, 225X100 MM $48.8/pcs Anfrage
100-2002-ESDN Apex Tool Group MICRO/GASFILTER MG100S/WFE 2X,CL $621/pcs Anfrage
113811EB Image 113811EB EasyBraid Co. MAIN FILTER - HEPA+ / CHEMICAL 2 $648.2/pcs Anfrage
70-01-14 Image 70-01-14 Master Appliance Corp. ADAPTER 8.4 (4MM DIAMETER X .7M $19.85/pcs Anfrage
T0058750786N Apex Tool Group HOT GAS NOZZLE NQ 3.7X3.7 W. VAC $163.68/pcs Anfrage
4035S Image 4035S Apex Tool Group HEATER 45W FOR THREAD-IN TIPS $32.2/pcs Anfrage
3LL2M Image 3LL2M Apex Tool Group STOPPER 3CC MANUAL 1000/PK   Anfrage
T0053634999 Apex Tool Group HOOD PE TRANSPARENT 296X248MM   Anfrage
T0058762858 Image T0058762858 Apex Tool Group H13 PARTICLE FILTER AND GAS FILT $184/pcs Anfrage
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