RFID Antennen

Bild Teilenummer Hersteller Beschreibung Preis Aussicht
V680S-A41 10M Omron Automation & Safety ANT TO RJ CABLE 10M $290.4/pcs Anfrage
09478411002 Image 09478411002 HARTING M12 XCODED TO RJ45 CABLE ASSEMBL $32.716/pcs Anfrage
V680-A-CA1053 Omron Automation & Safety STANDARD CHARGER   Anfrage
WF-SM-25S Omron Automation & Safety HI-TEMP METAL MOUNT RFID STICK $30.01/pcs Anfrage
V700-P10 2M Omron Automation & Safety PROG CONSOLE CBL. 2M $267.96/pcs Anfrage
V680-A-WA3010 Omron Automation & Safety RFID ACCESSORY CHARGER   Anfrage
V680S-A40 10M Omron Automation & Safety EXTENSION CABLE 10M $290.4/pcs Anfrage
RI-CTL-MB6A-03 N/A RFID 2000 CONTROL MOD RS422/485   Anfrage
2096.000.00 Image 2096.000.00 FEIG ELECTRONIC ID ISC.ANT.C-A CABLE FOR LR ANT $51.32/pcs Anfrage
1690.000.00 Image 1690.000.00 FEIG ELECTRONIC ID CAB.RS-A CABLE 232/485 PWRSUP $26.56/pcs Anfrage
V680S-A41 2M Omron Automation & Safety ANT TO RJ CABLE 2M $210.54/pcs Anfrage
V640-HAM11-V2 Omron Automation & Safety RFID CONTROLLER AMPLIFIER $1940.79/pcs Anfrage
RI-ACC-008B-00 N/A RFID 2000 ANT TUNING-MOD 134.2K   Anfrage
V680-A81 Omron Automation & Safety V680 D8/32K TAG SPACER $52.1/pcs Anfrage
20939010101 HARTING PROTECT COVER RF-R500 $164.18/pcs Anfrage
2421.000.01 Image 2421.000.01 FEIG ELECTRONIC ID ISC.CF2.WLAN-A WIRELESS ADPTR   Anfrage
20933050104 HARTING RFID RF-M3000 RAM MOUNTING SYPCE   Anfrage
W7002 Image W7002 Pulse Electronics Corporation NFC WIRE LOOP ANTENNA $3.744/pcs Anfrage
DLP-FANT Image DLP-FANT DLP Design, Inc. ANTENNA FERRITE $19.95/pcs Anfrage
VJ5120W500GXCMT Electro-Films (EFI) / Vishay VJ5120W500GXCMT $0.342/pcs Anfrage
V680-HS52-W 12.5M Omron Automation & Safety IP67 HF M22 DIA ANTENNA $284.35/pcs Anfrage
ANFCA-101-2515-A02 Image ANFCA-101-2515-A02 Abracon Corporation NFC ANTENNA FOR IOT $1.549/pcs Anfrage
W3579 Pulse Electronics Corporation NFC FERRITE LOADED ANTENNA $4.388/pcs Anfrage
1462360001 Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex company RECTANGLE STANDARD NFC ANTENNA 1 $0.29/pcs Anfrage
V740-HS02CA Omron Automation & Safety RFID ANTENNA BISTATIC 915MHZ $533.25/pcs Anfrage
RR-IDISC-ANT14-7C N/A RFID ANT TYPEC 1400X700 13.56MHZ   Anfrage
B82450A1004E000 Image B82450A1004E000 EPCOS TRANSPONDER COIL 1MH SMD $1.122/pcs Anfrage
V680-H01-V2 Omron Automation & Safety READ/WRITE ANTENNA W/BUILT IN $2666.37/pcs Anfrage
B82453C0275A000 Image B82453C0275A000 EPCOS 3D-TRANSPONDER 20MV/MT $3.388/pcs Anfrage
FXR.08.A.DG Image FXR.08.A.DG Taoglas ANTENNA $7.35/pcs Anfrage
FXR.08.52.0075X.A Image FXR.08.52.0075X.A Taoglas ANTENNA $6.927/pcs Anfrage
VJ5106W240GXCMT Electro-Films (EFI) / Vishay VJ5106W240GXCMT $0.228/pcs Anfrage
B82450A1004A000 Image B82450A1004A000 EPCOS TRANSPONDER COIL 1MH SMD $1.241/pcs Anfrage
V680-HS63-R 2M Omron Automation & Safety ROBOTIC HF BLOCK ANTENNA $354.09/pcs Anfrage
1451.008.00 Image 1451.008.00 FEIG ELECTRONIC ID ISC.ANT800/600-DA ANT W/DAT $1459.34/pcs Anfrage
1462360111 Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex company STANDARD NFC ANTENNA 23X27(WITH $0.944/pcs Anfrage
B82450A1855E001 EPCOS TRANSPONDER COIL 8MM 18.52MH 3% $1.16/pcs Anfrage
ANFCA-4545-A01 Image ANFCA-4545-A01 Abracon Corporation NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 45X45MM $2.408/pcs Anfrage
V640-HS62 1.9M Omron Automation & Safety CABLE ANTENNA FOR HAM12 1.9M $268.25/pcs Anfrage
B82450A7204E000 EPCOS TRANSPONDER COIL 8MM 7.2MH 3% $1.16/pcs Anfrage
ANFCA-4030-A01 Image ANFCA-4030-A01 Abracon Corporation NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 40X30MM $2.293/pcs Anfrage
SP-AN-BB SkyeTek UHF BROADBAND ANTENNA $187.44/pcs Anfrage
B82451L2364E402 Image B82451L2364E402 EPCOS TRANSPONDER COIL 2.36MH 20 OHM $1.171/pcs Anfrage
1451.009.02 Image 1451.009.02 FEIG ELECTRONIC ID ISC.ANT.U250/250-FCC CIRC UHF   Anfrage
V600-H12 2M Omron Automation & Safety V600 ANTENNA $611.82/pcs Anfrage
RR-IDISC-ANT8-6-B N/A RFID ANT TYPE-B 600X800 13.56MHZ $1065.75/pcs Anfrage
2717.000.00 Image 2717.000.00 FEIG ELECTRONIC ID ISC.ANT200/200 HAND HELD HF $345.74/pcs Anfrage
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