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VSC58-20M FLIR 5.8MM CAM W 20M FIBERGLASS PROBE $3299.02/pcs Anfrage
26100-256 Image 26100-256 Aven CONNECT ADAPT - WI-FI DIGITAL CA   Anfrage
502971-1 Agastat Relays / TE Connectivity MICROSCOPE ADAPTER FSMA   Anfrage
34977 Image 34977 Luxo LAMP REPLACEMENT HALOGEN   Anfrage
26800B-460 Image 26800B-460 Aven ADAPTER TO MOUNT RING LIGHTS $18.46/pcs Anfrage
26800B-472 Image 26800B-472 Aven GLIDING STAGE 140MM X 114MM   Anfrage
31627-MLS Luxo LOUVER 5-RING MLS 8 1/2" DIA   Anfrage
504618-2 Agastat Relays / TE Connectivity SC/APC ADAPTER MICROSCOPE 20X   Anfrage
26700-506 Aven ILOUPE CARRYING CASE   Anfrage
VSC80-1R FLIR 8MM CAM W 1M SEMI-RIGID PROBE - $549/pcs Anfrage
VSC65-12S FLIR 6.5MM 12IN STAINLESS STEEL RIGID $1399.01/pcs Anfrage
VSA2-1M FLIR 2 WAY 6MM ART CAM W 1M PROBE, SH $1629.01/pcs Anfrage
26700-400-GN02 Image 26700-400-GN02 Aven CYCLOPS LASER POINTER $68.508/pcs Anfrage
26700-135-TTB Image 26700-135-TTB Aven TILT TABLE SHARPVUE 360 ESD SAFE $398.95/pcs Anfrage
18750 Image 18750 Luxo LENS USED WITH SYSTEM 250 MODELS   Anfrage
69455 Image 69455 Klein Tools BORESCOPE EXTENSION- 17 MM X 1 M $37.51/pcs Anfrage
VPI-SMT1 EasyBraid Co. INSPECTION TIP SMD $219.04/pcs Anfrage
31640 Image 31640 Luxo BULB 22W T-9 FOR KFM/LC/FM SERIE $16.59/pcs Anfrage
MC47-BRKT-KT Omron Automation & Safety KIT MNTING HARDWARE MC47 FAMILY $73.15/pcs Anfrage
69450 Image 69450 Klein Tools 6 MM X 1 M GOOSENECK CAMERA $108.9/pcs Anfrage
26800B-429 Aven ADAPTER PLATE FOR MICRO LENS $63.79/pcs Anfrage
VSC58-1R FLIR 5.8MM CAM W 1M SEMI-RIGID PROBE $649/pcs Anfrage
VSA2-2-W FLIR WIRELESS 2 WAY 6MM ART CAM W 2M $2399.01/pcs Anfrage
1828834-1 Agastat Relays / TE Connectivity MPX MICROSCOPE ADAPTER $661.5/pcs Anfrage
69451 Image 69451 Klein Tools 6 MM X 2 M GOOSENECK CAMERA $132.38/pcs Anfrage
SPD026587 Image SPD026587 Luxo HANDLE LT GRAY   Anfrage
64MT-0533 Image 64MT-0533 Excelitas Technologies LED FIBEROPTIC ILLUM ADPTR $19.95/pcs Anfrage
VSA2-1M-W FLIR WIRELESS 2 WAY 6MM ART CAM W 1M $2199.01/pcs Anfrage
69454 Image 69454 Klein Tools 17 MM X 1 M GOOSENECK CAMERA $75.29/pcs Anfrage
26501-RL8D Image 26501-RL8D Aven REPLACEMENT LENS 8D FOR PROVUE M $20.03/pcs Anfrage
26520-MB Image 26520-MB Aven MAGNETIC BASE $19.14/pcs Anfrage
26700-216 Image 26700-216 Aven POLARIZER FOR MIGHTY SCOPE 1.3M $51.02/pcs Anfrage
36205 Image 36205 Luxo BULB 13W FLUORESCENT REPLACEMENT $17.732/pcs Anfrage
26503-B32 Image 26503-B32 Aven BULB REPLACEMENT 32W   Anfrage
SPD026586 Image SPD026586 Luxo HANDLE WHITE   Anfrage
26200A-212 Aven ADAPTER FOR 1.125IN ID RING LGHT   Anfrage
26700-406 Image 26700-406 Aven LCD MONITOR LED 22" HDMI INPUT $277.75/pcs Anfrage
VS-C-12V FLIR 12V AUTO CHARGER $19.99/pcs Anfrage
26800B-430 Image 26800B-430 Aven ADAPTER PLATE FOR MACRO LENS $63.79/pcs Anfrage
502964-1 Agastat Relays / TE Connectivity MICROSCOPE BULB 2.8V   Anfrage
SPD026588 Image SPD026588 Luxo HANDLE BLACK   Anfrage
26700-401-ICB Image 26700-401-ICB Aven IMAGE CAPTURE BOX HDMI $329.891/pcs Anfrage
VSC39-1FM FLIR 3.9MM CAM W 1M FLEX PROBE - SHOR $999.01/pcs Anfrage
26006 Image 26006 Aven RETICLE SCALE NO.4   Anfrage
31641 Image 31641 Luxo BULB 15W T-8 FOR FL SERIES   Anfrage
492547-1 Agastat Relays / TE Connectivity MICROSCOPE ADAPTER FO7   Anfrage
26800B-476 Aven GLIDING STAGE 300MM X 210MM   Anfrage
26800B-474 Aven GLIDING STAGE ROTATING 135MM   Anfrage
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