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9781680453843 Image 9781680453843 O'Reilly Media, Inc. GETTING STARTED WITH SOLDERING B $19.99/pcs Anfrage
BOK-11729 Image BOK-11729 SparkFun PYTHON FOR KIDS: A PLAYFUL INTRO   Anfrage
A000035 Image A000035 Arduino.ORG BOOK GETTING STARTED W/ARDUINO   Anfrage
9781680450323 Image 9781680450323 O'Reilly Media, Inc. BEST OF MAKE: VOLUME 2 $29.99/pcs Anfrage
9781680451719 Image 9781680451719 O'Reilly Media, Inc. MAKE:DRONES TEACH ARDUINO TO FLY $29.99/pcs Anfrage
27220 Image 27220 Parallax, Inc. BOOK STAMPWORKS   Anfrage
593-006 Digilent, Inc. THE ZYNQ BOOK $41.25/pcs Anfrage
BOK-11135 Image BOK-11135 SparkFun MAKING ANDROID ACCESSORIES WITH $7.95/pcs Anfrage
9781491921760 Image 9781491921760 O'Reilly Media, Inc. ARDUINO: A TECHNICAL REFERENCE $49.99/pcs Anfrage
9781449345372 Image 9781449345372 O'Reilly Media, Inc. GETTING STARTED WITH BEAGLEBONE $14.99/pcs Anfrage
B000001 Image B000001 Arduino.ORG BOOK GETTING STARTED W/ARDUINO   Anfrage
9781449360665 Image 9781449360665 O'Reilly Media, Inc. MAKE: BASIC ARDUINO PROJECTS $19.99/pcs Anfrage
DWG0001-B Image DWG0001-B DFRobot PROJECT NOTEBOOK BLACK $2.99/pcs Anfrage
9781680451771 Image 9781680451771 O'Reilly Media, Inc. MAKE: TECH DIY $19.99/pcs Anfrage
GSC-2301 Image GSC-2301 Global Specialties ELECTRONIC FUNDAMENTALS STUDENT $50/pcs Anfrage
744010 Image 744010 Wurth Electronics APPLICATION HANDBOOK FOR LTSPICE $70.81/pcs Anfrage
1259588335 Image 1259588335 McGraw-Hill Education BOOK: PROGRAM THE INTEL EDISON $15.96/pcs Anfrage
0071817727 Image 0071817727 McGraw-Hill Education BOOK: 30 ARDUINO PROJECTS $19.95/pcs Anfrage
999918 Wurth Electronics CD-ROM DESIGN OF FLYBACK APP $3.75/pcs Anfrage
LTC APPS VOLIII 97 Linear Technology BOOK LINEAR TECH APPS 1997 VOL 3   Anfrage
73 Image 73 Adafruit TV-B-GONE KIT UNIVERSAL V1.2 $19.5/pcs Anfrage
PIS-0137 Image PIS-0137 Pi Supply LITTLEBITS DELUXE KIT   Anfrage
3031 Image 3031 Adafruit MICROSOFT AZURE IOT STARTER KIT $106.95/pcs Anfrage
176 Image 176 Adafruit SENSOR KIT PACK 900 W/ADXL335 $35/pcs Anfrage
KIT-11591 Image KIT-11591 SparkFun ISP POGO ADAPTER KIT $9.95/pcs Anfrage
JBM-020 Image JBM-020 Pi Supply JUSTBOOM AMP HAT KIT $195.99/pcs Anfrage
317010006 Seeed SMART WIRELESS CHRGR TX 5V 600MA   Anfrage
PIS-0559 Image PIS-0559 Pi Supply JUSTBOOM DAC ZERO KIT $111.99/pcs Anfrage
27901 Image 27901 Trenz Electronic KIT EDU STEMLAB 125-10 $346.8/pcs Anfrage
3399 Adafruit CODE.ORG CIRCUIT PLAYGROUND EDUC $350/pcs Anfrage
2157 Image 2157 Kitronik FM RADIO KIT V2.0 $15.25/pcs Anfrage
IF-LSL-SA1 Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc. KIT LASER RECEIVER & ADAPTER $142.84/pcs Anfrage
32100 Image 32100 Parallax, Inc. KIT DEV PROPELLER DEMO BOARD   Anfrage
GSK-918 Image GSK-918 Global Specialties MOSQUITO DETERRENT KIT 10-30KHZ $4.4/pcs Anfrage
1057 Kitronik RETAIL PACK - FM RADIO KIT V2.0 $16.1/pcs Anfrage
PB-502 Image PB-502 Global Specialties LOGIC DESIGN TRAINER PORTABLE $275/pcs Anfrage
3697 Image 3697 Adafruit ABABOX006 CIRCUITPYTHON $69.95/pcs Anfrage
110060569 Image 110060569 Seeed GROVEPI ZERO BASE KIT $86.65/pcs Anfrage
2418 Image 2418 Adafruit BLINKYTILE - LIGHT SCULPTURE KIT $62.44/pcs Anfrage
471-002 Digilent, Inc. LABVIEW KIT BEAGLEBONE BLACK $111.25/pcs Anfrage
KIT-13970 Image KIT-13970 SparkFun INVENTOR KIT FOR ARDUINO UNO $109.95/pcs Anfrage
PIM319 Pimoroni BEARABLES FOX KIT $14.42/pcs Anfrage
TWSU 0152 Image TWSU 0152 Pimoroni MOVER KIT $66.485/pcs Anfrage
27763 Image 27763 Trenz Electronic KIT DIAGNOSTIC STEMLAB 125-14 $479.4/pcs Anfrage
2814 Image 2814 Adafruit GOOGLE AIY VOICE KIT FOR RASPBER $93.69/pcs Anfrage
3268 Image 3268 Adafruit STARTER KIT ADABOX003 FEATHER $79.95/pcs Anfrage
P1030001 Image P1030001 Makeblock NEURON INVENTOR KIT $119.99/pcs Anfrage
PB-503C Image PB-503C Global Specialties ANLG/DGTL DESIGN TRAINR PORTABLE $496.45/pcs Anfrage
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