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600218-15 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 18AWG 15KG/33LBS $1026.91/pcs Anfrage
600218 Image 600218 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 18AWG 1KG/2.2LBS SPOOL $63.7/pcs Anfrage
8053 Image 8053 Belden MW-28C SL 26AWG $47.698/pcs Anfrage
8051 Image 8051 Belden MW-28C SL 22AWG $45.713/pcs Anfrage
600222-15 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 22AWG 15KG/33LBS $1061.38/pcs Anfrage
610218 Image 610218 CNC Tech MW-28C SL 18AWG 1KG/2.2LBS $62.4/pcs Anfrage
600238-30 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 38AWG 30KG/66.1LBS   Anfrage
8076 Image 8076 Belden MW-35C HY 20AWG $77.521/pcs Anfrage
8074 Image 8074 Belden MW-35C HY 16AWG $74.785/pcs Anfrage
8080 Image 8080 Belden MW-35C HY 28AWG $90.256/pcs Anfrage
600212-30 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 12AWG 30KG/66.1LBS   Anfrage
610224 Image 610224 CNC Tech MW-28C SL 24AWG 1KG/2.2LBS $66.3/pcs Anfrage
600214 Image 600214 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 14AWG 1KG/2.2LBS SPOOL $62.4/pcs Anfrage
600226 Image 600226 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 26AWG 1KG/2.2LBS SPOOL $67.6/pcs Anfrage
3522 Image 3522 Adafruit ENAMELED COPPER MAGNET WIRE 11 $0.95/pcs Anfrage
600228 Image 600228 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 28AWG 1KG/2.2LBS SPOOL $68.121/pcs Anfrage
600234-10 CNC Tech MW35-C HY 34AWG 15KG/33LBS   Anfrage
8056 Image 8056 Belden MW-28C SL 32AWG $59.227/pcs Anfrage
8081 Image 8081 Belden MW-35C HY 30AWG $111.521/pcs Anfrage
610234 Image 610234 CNC Tech MW-28C SL 34AWG 1KG/2.2LBS $70.2/pcs Anfrage
28127 Image 28127 Parallax, Inc. APPLIED SENSORS TEXT   Anfrage
32316 Parallax, Inc. PROG & CUST PROPELLER BOOK $44.99/pcs Anfrage
BOK-12006 Image BOK-12006 SparkFun INVENT TO LEARN: MAKING, TINKERI $35/pcs Anfrage
BOK-11132 Image BOK-11132 SparkFun SCIENCE AND COMMUNICATION CIRCUI $13.75/pcs Anfrage
9781457187599 Image 9781457187599 O'Reilly Media, Inc. GETTING STARTED WITH INTEL EDISO $24.99/pcs Anfrage
9781457187797 Image 9781457187797 O'Reilly Media, Inc. MAKE: ACTION $34.99/pcs Anfrage
9781680451054 Image 9781680451054 O'Reilly Media, Inc. MAKE IT GLOW $19.99/pcs Anfrage
9781457186127 Image 9781457186127 O'Reilly Media, Inc. GETTING STARTED W/RASPBERRY PI   Anfrage
BOK-11133 Image BOK-11133 SparkFun ELECTRONIC SENSOR CIRCUITS & PRO $13.75/pcs Anfrage
BOK-11730 Image BOK-11730 SparkFun SUPER SCRATCH PROGRAMMING ADVENT $24.95/pcs Anfrage
0071802363 Image 0071802363 McGraw-Hill Education BOOK: HACKING ELECTRONICS   Anfrage
28125 Image 28125 Parallax, Inc. TEXT ROBOTICS $18.61/pcs Anfrage
BOK-13220 Image BOK-13220 SparkFun BUILDING OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE $35/pcs Anfrage
ARX-BOOK Image ARX-BOOK Global Specialties ASURO BOOK VOLUME 1 $19.95/pcs Anfrage
70019 Image 70019 Parallax, Inc. BOOK NUTS&VOLTS BASIC STAMPS #6   Anfrage
BOK-14861 SparkFun MAKE YOUR OWN PCBS WITH EAGLE - $24.38/pcs Anfrage
9780071832120 Image 9780071832120 McGraw-Hill Education BOOK: PROGRAMMING THE BEAGLEBONE $11.97/pcs Anfrage
9781593277253 Image 9781593277253 O'Reilly Media, Inc. ELECTRONICS FOR KIDS $24.95/pcs Anfrage
BOK-12940 Image BOK-12940 SparkFun GETTING STARTED WITH INTEL GALIL   Anfrage
B000002 Image B000002 Arduino.ORG BOOK MAKING THINGS TALK, 2ND ED   Anfrage
BOK-13232 Image BOK-13232 SparkFun SUPER-AWESOME SYLVIAAE S SUPER-A   Anfrage
BOK-14263 SparkFun SPARKFUN INVENTOR'S KIT GUIDEBOO $4.95/pcs Anfrage
3754 Image 3754 Adafruit THE 3D PRINTING HANDBOOK - BY 3D $61.25/pcs Anfrage
27218 Image 27218 Parallax, Inc. MANUAL BASIC STAMP VER 2.0 $20.73/pcs Anfrage
122-28176 Image 122-28176 Parallax, Inc. GUIDE STUDENT PROCESS CONTROL   Anfrage
BOK-14270 Image BOK-14270 SparkFun LILYPAD SEWABLE ELECTRONICS KIT $4.95/pcs Anfrage
9781449368104 Image 9781449368104 O'Reilly Media, Inc. MAKE: SENSORS $34.99/pcs Anfrage
APPLICATION D.B. Linear Technology BOOK LINEAR TECH APPS 1990 VOL 1   Anfrage
BOK-12730 Image BOK-12730 SparkFun RASPBERRY PI HACKS $20.63/pcs Anfrage
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