Human Machine Interface (HMI)-Zubehör

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GMHSPA00 Red Lion Controls GRAPHITE MODULE HSPA+ 8.5W $542.4/pcs Anfrage
NS8-ATT01 Omron Automation & Safety NT600S/NT620C/S TO NS8 ADAPTER $193.14/pcs Anfrage
G3RS0000 Red Lion Controls G3 RS232/485 OPTION CARD $161.45/pcs Anfrage
2701449 Phoenix Contact RUNTIME LICENSE FOR VISU+ INCLUD $7733.06/pcs Anfrage
NSH5-232CN-3M Omron Automation & Safety NSH5 RS232C CBL 3M 37 PIN CNCTR $559.44/pcs Anfrage
XW2Z-200T-2 Image XW2Z-200T-2 Omron Automation & Safety CABLE ASSEMBLY INTERFACE 6.56' $109.135/pcs Anfrage
NV3Q-KBA04 Image NV3Q-KBA04 Omron Automation & Safety PROTECTIVE SHEETS FOR NV3Q $149.85/pcs Anfrage
88970449 Crouzet MTP01 WATERPROOF PACK SET 10PC   Anfrage
AIG32830 Panasonic GT32 MNTNG BRCKT 5SET 2PC $86.22/pcs Anfrage
CGHMA045 Carlo Gavazzi MAIN BOARD HMI 450 $424/pcs Anfrage
88970495 Crouzet CTP107-E C-TOUCH 7" ETH   Anfrage
NS-CLK21 Omron Automation & Safety CONTROLLER LINK MODULE FOR NS $1165.5/pcs Anfrage
2401380 Phoenix Contact MOBILE PANEL WITH 8 9 CM / 3 5"- $1749/pcs Anfrage
GMP1RM00 Red Lion Controls MOD,1 PID,RELAT OUT+HCM $326.07/pcs Anfrage
NS-AL002 Image NS-AL002 Omron Automation & Safety RS232 DB9 TO RS422 TERM BLOCK $178.2/pcs Anfrage
NS7-KBA05 Omron Automation & Safety PROTECTIVE PLASTIC COVER FOR NS7 $319.68/pcs Anfrage
AIG12800 Panasonic GT12 PROTECTIVE COVER 10PCS $86.08/pcs Anfrage
NSH5-232UL-3M Omron Automation & Safety CABLE ASSY COMM RS-232C 9.84' $532.8/pcs Anfrage
88970503 Crouzet MTP 6/50-MTP 8/50 MODBUS CABLE $31.36/pcs Anfrage
88970497 Crouzet CT 104 C-TOUCH 4.3"   Anfrage
G3CF064M Red Lion Controls 64 MB COMPACTFLASH CARD   Anfrage
CGHCB105 Carlo Gavazzi CONNECTION BOARD HMI 1050 $15/pcs Anfrage
NS12-ATT01 Omron Automation & Safety NT625C/NT631/NT631C TO NS10 $173.16/pcs Anfrage
GMSG11S0 Red Lion Controls GRAPHITE MOD STRAIN GAUGE 5.6W $575.11/pcs Anfrage
XW2Z-S002 Image XW2Z-S002 Omron Automation & Safety CABLE ASSEMBLY INTERFACE 6.56' $109.135/pcs Anfrage
GMCAN000 Red Lion Controls GRAPHITE MODULE CAN 1.2W $320.8/pcs Anfrage
NS7-KBA04 Image NS7-KBA04 Omron Automation & Safety ANTI-GLARE SHEET FOR NS7 5PC $99.789/pcs Anfrage
AIGT8165 Image AIGT8165 Panasonic CABLE ASSEMBLY INTERFACE 16.4' $58.346/pcs Anfrage
GMCC0000 Red Lion Controls GRAPHITE CRIMSON CONTROL MODULE $421.04/pcs Anfrage
CGHMA155 Carlo Gavazzi MAIN BOARD HMI 1550 $1125/pcs Anfrage
CGHDP105 Carlo Gavazzi DISPLAY BOARD HMI 1050 $131/pcs Anfrage
NS-NSRCL3 Omron Automation & Safety NS-RUNTIME THREE LICENSES $5641.02/pcs Anfrage
ENC00012 Red Lion Controls ENCLOSURE: G12 $315.17/pcs Anfrage
NS15-KBA05N Omron Automation & Safety NS15 PROTECTIVE COVER 5PCS $313.02/pcs Anfrage
CGHMA075 Carlo Gavazzi MAIN BOARD HMI 750 $556/pcs Anfrage
CGHSB075 Carlo Gavazzi SOUND BOARD FOR HMI 750 $275/pcs Anfrage
AIGT8000V2 Panasonic GTWIN JAPANESE VERSION $199.53/pcs Anfrage
GMTC8000 Red Lion Controls MOD,8 THERMOCOUPLE INPUT $760.84/pcs Anfrage
G3FILM06 Red Lion Controls PCK OF TEN PRTCTVE FILMS $62.19/pcs Anfrage
NT31C-KBA05 Omron Automation & Safety PROTECTIVE COVER FOR NS5 MODEL $356.4/pcs Anfrage
PNENC910 Red Lion Controls G09/10 ENCLOSURE PANEL $38.27/pcs Anfrage
PNENC015 Red Lion Controls G15 ENCLOSURE PANEL $66.41/pcs Anfrage
G3FILM10 Red Lion Controls PCK OF TEN PRTECTVE FILMS $94.48/pcs Anfrage
NB5Q-ATT01 Omron Automation & Safety NB5 HMI NT31 CUTOUT ADAPTERS $99.789/pcs Anfrage
AIGT28321 Image AIGT28321 Panasonic GT21C MNTNG BRCKTS 5 SETS/4 PER $74.421/pcs Anfrage
AIGT28121 Panasonic RUBBER GASKET GT21C SERIES 10/PK $51.73/pcs Anfrage
I3-MSD/256 B+B SmartWorx, Inc. MICRO SD MEMORY CARD 256MB   Anfrage
NS-USBEXT-1M Omron Automation & Safety NS-SERIES USB EXTNSN CBL 1M $106.56/pcs Anfrage
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